Remembrance so that sacrifices are never forgotten

The WW1 memorial lists the name of twenty-five villagers killed in action in the years 1914 – 1918. The youngest was 18 years old and the oldest 37 years; Two pairs of brothers, farmers, labourers, a doorman and railway men. These men died and were buried in another country, far from their beloved families and village homes. All in the firmament of the first world war. 100 years since the end of the ‘Great War’, our village will remember these men.

Remembrance Ride, 9th June 2018

On the morning of 9th June a small party of villagers will set off from the WW1 memorial and, over the following five days, will visit the graves of all of the villagers killed in action in the years 1914 – 1918. The party will travel on this memorial tour on motor scooters, arriving in Dunkirk in the evening of the 9th June, Ypres on the 10th and the Somme on the 11th June. The tour will be recorded and a few moments of silent remembrance held at each grave. The tour of these graves aims to remember these men, commemorate their sacrifice and raise money for the British Legion.

The Fallen

Below are the names of the 25 men listed on the memorial. Click on the names to learn more about their life and death.

Thomas Barlow

Born: 1887, West Ilsley.

Died: 5th November 1918, aged 31.

Frederick Batten

Born: 1887, Brightwell.

Died 10th April 1917, Flanders, France, aged 30.

Arthur Charles Brooker

Born: 1888, Brightwell.

Died 9th March 1918, aged 30.

Alfred James Brown

Born: 1894, Sotwell.

Died: 18th September 1916, Flanders, France, aged 22.

John Butcher

Born: May 1892, Brightwell.

Died: 18th September 1918, aged 26.

Joseph Butcher

Born: October 1882, Brightwell.

Died: 17th February 1917, aged 34.

Heber John Eggleton

Born: 1880, Sotwell.

Died: 24th September 1917, aged 37.

Thomas Henry Emberry

Born: 1898, Ashton upon Mersey.

Died: 28th April 1917 aged 19.

John Garlick

Born: March 1885, Sotwell.

Died: 26th August 1914, Flanders, France, aged 29.

Jooseph Hammond M.M.

Born: 1894, Brightwell.

Died: 10th April 1918, Flanders, France, aged 23.

Ernest Thomas Harris

Born: 1893, Botley.

Died: 2nd July 1918, Salonika, aged 25.

Norman Leslie Hartwell

Born: 1895, Banbury.

Died 31st May 1916, aged 21.

Ernest Edward Harvey

Born: 1892, Youghal, Co. Cork.

Died: 16th May 1916, aged 24.

William George Harvey

Born: 10th March 1900, Brightwell.

Died: 17th October 1918, aged 18.

Charles Montague Lay

Born: 1893, Harefield, Middx.

Died: 28th September 1918, aged 25.

John Hazel Lay

Born: July 1894, Sotwell.

Died: 10th August 1918, aged 23.

Frank Alfred Spratley

Born: 1897, East Hagbourne.

Died: 27th April 1917, Salonika, aged 19.

Hugh Waite Talbot

Born: March 1893 , Slade End.

Died: 21st November 1914, Flanders, France, aged 31.

Frederick William Vaughan

Born: 1894, Cholsey.

Died: 12th November 1916, aged 22.

Cyril Edward Elliott Wells

Born: 2nd October 1885, Sotwell.

Died: 10th March 1915, Battle of Neuve Chapelle, aged 29.

Leslie Howard Elliott Wells

Born: 1884, Sotwell.

Died: 4th May 1915, aged 30.

Henry Maurice Watkins Wells

Born: 1889, Sotwell.

Died: 15th September 1916, aged 27.

George White

Born: 1887.

Died: 24th May 1915, aged 28.

Arthur Williams

Died: 1st July 1916.

John Winfield

Born: 1881, Swyncombe, Berks.

Died: 13th November, aged 35.